First Visit

Treatment Starts at Your First Visit

Your Quality Health Treatment Starts at Your First Visit

Your health and wellness restoration experience with the Meridian Dentistry team will begin with an initial visit. Here's what we'll do during your first visit:
  • Discuss your chief concern and medical history
  • Determine your health and wellness goals
  • Determine what you want to attain from the treatment
  • Figure out the cause of the health issue concerning you (physical, emotional, digestive, energy, and disease-driven origin)
  • Provide you with health enhancement steps you can take at home
  • Develop a treatment plan (especially if an oral cavity is a factor)
  • Begin healing treatment with your consent
Dental care

Your Initial Exam

Your initial exam ($225) will last about an hour to an hour and a half. During this time, we'll combine our medical and neuropathic knowledge to optimize the benefits of both.
We'll look at the forces that drive your emotions so that we can identify stressors that weaken your body.
We'll also look at the energetic fields that allow bodily functions to maintain the balance of your meridians (pathways in your body through which vital energy is said to flow).
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