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Meet Dr. Natalie Horn at Meridian Dentistry

After working as a dental hygienist for 5 years in an office staffed by 3 different dentists, Dr. Horn noticed that the treatments recommended and performed by those dentists were more for their benefit and not necessarily their patient's. That made Dr. Horn begin her dentistry education, showing her why there was such a broad spectrum of treatment options based on doctors' prejudices.
Now that she has started Meridian Dentistry, she can focus on developing a very broad treatment plan ethic to give each patient the care they desire. You can also get FREE orthodontic or denture assessments.
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20 Years of Naturopathic Care

If you're looking for a dental office that takes a different approach to patient care, call us for an appointment. We'll fix everything we can and work to improve your overall health.
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NET Allows for Improved Dental Care

Are bad teeth the root cause of your bad health? By incorporating NET and other naturopathic treatments, along with traditional dentistry practices, Dr. Horn is able to give you better treatment options, more easily identify the source of your concerns, and treat your teeth and overall well-being.
Dr. Horn was introduced to NET by her chiropractor and has found that it's a great way to ease anxious patients. She has personally used NET, and she believes it made the biggest difference when she was being treated for a serious health condition in her 20s.

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